Complex Voltage Grid Collapse

All large scale power grids are susceptible to an affect called voltage collapse where and overflow of voltage results in a shut down of a large section or even the whole power grid. This is of course known as a black out and although rare in developed countries still plague more primitive systems and damaged grids. Currently our knowledge of what causes voltage collapse is only through experimental and observational evidence and doesn’t really include any advanced theoretical aspect. A new study however uses node analysis (seeing what the voltage is at each joining section of a circuit) to understand how irregular demand from the grid  can cause voltage collapse and the best method for creating a system that prevents this. An important discovery from this research was the fact that electric generators become synchronised as a stability method and when this synchronisation gets interrupted, this is when there is the greatest danger of a blackout. Hopefully these network models will help prevent blackouts in both developing countries and in the west to ensure that everyone has access to electricity if and when they need it.


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