Weekly Roundup 7

So what happened this week in the world of physics? Well some Japanese scientists have observed some strange results when it comes to neutrinos, possibly uprooting our entire particle physics model. Also relating to Japan my post yesterday on their new satellite got me thinking. Thinking about the entire idea of astrophysics and space exploration. I mean there’s a lot out there and we haven’t even really begun to explore it in person. I have to think how would aliens react to meeting us. They would probably ask some scathing questions about why we were willing to spend $30 billion a year on getting away from our planet when 80% of our population is in technical poverty. That is if they get round to talking to us. Imagine you were the government of Brazil, and you have just learnt that some isolated amazonian tribe has managed to acquire automatic firearms and is, by coincidence, moving closer to a city or a town. You really would have no choice but to wipe them about before they could through their ignorance cause a massacre. Now imagine your an alien government and you see this small planet with a bunch of inhabitants that only a century ago were murdering each other in the millions. And not only that they have access to nuclear weaponry that no matter how advanced an alien you are it’s going to do some damage if they decide to launch them at you, and it seems in all likelihood that they will. What do you think the aliens might do. Just a pleasant thought to end a week.


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