Electromagnetic Manipulation Of Carbon Tubes

Scientists at Rice University have recently released a paper detailing an experiment and development they have been apparently performing for years which uses the strong and focused electromagnetic field generated by a Tesla coil in order to manipulate single walled carbon nanotubes. This has been done for a long time on the micro scale but this research takes it up to the macro scale with a wire self forming to a length of fifteen centimeters. The ability to form such constructs at a distance in this way has been coined as Teslaphoresis (-phoresis meaning to bear, a common suffix for for movement by force). This electrokinetic phenomenon has been shown to act over distances of thirty centimeters and the research team has taken their time to develop some applications for their research before publishing it. This manipulation can power LED lights that are based on the carbon tubes and can be seen briefly in the video below released by Rice University to go along with the research paper.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1d0Lg6wuvc&feature=youtu.be



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