Weekly Roundup 19

Materials of varying qualities have been the main focus of this week with most of the posts being on various new electric or theoretical properties. There was also an interesting study that focused on how people perceived weight in objects when these objects slide at different angles. It was interesting to see how people’s perceptions of physical things like weight can change based on only the scenario they are put in. Apart from that there is another philosophical question that has come to my mind. There is a thing online called the Library of Babel; this library contains every combination of lower case letters, commas and full stops and randomly generates them in any order. This means it is theoretically possible to find every scientific paper I’ve read this week and all the ones I ever will read in this infinite (sort of) library. It creates the question of whether any piece of literature can ever be created or merely found. Really writing a poem is the equivalent of finding it in the library and so if someone does write a poem have they only discovered it from a metaphysical plane of language? When extended this idea really is the same question about maths and physics. Would they exist if humans weren’t observing them or are they only methods for a human brain to understand the chaos of a universe. Ironically these are questions science never could answer and ultimately it is everyone’s responsibility to come up with their own answer for questions. Goodbye for today, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.


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