Weekly Roundup 21

Quantum mechanics has been the main focus of this week with some input coming from astrophysics  and biophysics. On the topic of quantum physics comes one of the strangest scientific stories I’ve ever read. There is currently speculation that a fifth fundamental force of nature might have been discovered. The original four are gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear and weak interacting and these have been known about since the 1960s. This idea has come about because some American scientists at the University of California were looking through data collected by the Hungarian Nuclear Research Academy and pointed out that the particle the Hungarian physicists had discovered could not have been what they concluded it to be. Instead, they asserted, it must have been created by a force acting over a range smaller that the radius of a nucleus. The research has yet to be repeated so it is best to remain skeptical until some more solid evidence appears.

Anyway, goodbye until tomorrow.


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