Controlling Chaotic Plasma Waves

Plasma, as it is made of only charged particles, can be seen as a perfectly conducting fluid. This means that waves, a combination of both mechanical and electrical fields can pass through them known as plasma waves. To insure safety and efficiency  of a system the ideal way to control these waves would be through various  forms of electromagnetic radiation acting on the magnetic fields generating the waves. This can be difficult when dealing with plasma made of metal ions as these suffer from very severe chaotic reactions when interacting with photons, making the exacts results of the interference hard to predict.

There is another kind of plasma known as Josephson plasma which demonstrates many of the same effects but is not actually a metal plasma itself. Research recently published shows that it is possible to control and amplify a soliton forming in this nonlinear plasma and so provides hope for controlling a metal one. A soliton is a single hump of a wave that travels through the medium and it was created through the use of  copper based superconductors and will hopefully develop new methods for plasma control in the future.


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