Experimental Observations Of Ephemeral Electric Fields

I have talked before about the Navier–Stokes equations and how they do not always have a solution that can be found. This is why wind tunnels are so important as only by performing an experimental  observation can results be found for various shapes. The same is true for plasma physics. Across the world plasma containment machines are running and the data being gathered from them is being put into a database in order to try and devise physical laws from the observations. One of these observations was the qualities of high and low confinement. When a certain power threshold was exceeded in some machines the confinement was improved drastically and the confinement time (time taken for the plasma to lose half its energy) was increased likewise. This was named high (H) confinement and when not in effect the plasma is in low (L) confinement.

The transition between low to high confinement has some interesting effects. When performed in a Tokamak system (the classic torus shape) electric fields were momentarily generated radiating as if the centre was the origin. An experiment was performed to reveal more about these short lived electric fields and the results were very interesting. The observed generation was greater than the theoretical prediction by quite a reasonable degree. To explain this the scientists have used the term meta high confinement. The results of the experiment seem to imply that there is a very short intermediate step, this meta high state, that is produced and then turns into the proper high state. This means that a new set of equations has to be created to describe this, if a set can even be created at all.


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