Endovascualar Electrodes Closing Blood Vessels

In life threatening situations, about fifty percent of traumas are caused by blood loss. Once 20% of your blood is gone your heart cannot pump enough oxygen carrying blood around your body especially with the reduced blood pressure also having and adverse effect. Endovascular treatment involves using the hips as a place to access the blood stream and affect the blood vessels. Treating the vessels themselves can very useful and a new method of reducing blood flow has just been suggested. It has been previously shown that short electric shocks can cause vasoconstriction, the constricting of blood vessels, which can both reduce blood loss and mitigate low blood pressure. It is easy to say “just remove the shrapnel,” but actually putting an idea into effect requires more thought. To actually perform this operation electrodes have to be inserted into the blood vessels and the suggested idea is to use the endovascular procedures to get the desired result. The closer the electrode can be gotten to the blood vessel the less unwanted muscle contraction can be achieved. The set up involving orientation, formation and spacing is also important to insure the electrodes  are generating the optimal electric field with as little heating as possible. Many of these arrangements are being both theoretically and experimentally tested with the hopes of finding a high efficiency soloution.