Weekly Roundup 34

Currently one profession that takes a massive number of physics graduates is banking. Maths is also highly favoured but the practical understanding that comes with physics is what pushes it slightly above. One of my friends actually attended a recruitment convention just before finishing his degree. Upon meeting two people from the finance sector and telling them he was studying physics and expected a 2:1 he was instantly offered a job in analysis once he finished despite his speciality really being quantum physics. The high proportion of scientists in economics might be an explanation for the trend of absolutism that is currently running through the field. Economics, despite being a wonderful subject, should never be considered a science as it ultimately comes down to human decision. Any field that relies so heavily on a human determinant can not exist in an empirical way. All major economic theories, despite being taken as facts, have failed to prevent financial disasters in the past. Half the challenge is science is working out what isn’t. So beware the absolutist and the soothsayer who claim to know the definite path to the best future, for these people will speak convincing words with conviction nonpareil. But ultimately it is everyone’s duty to learn enough to decide for themselves.

Until tomorrow, goodnight, and keep thinking.


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