Creating A Totally Magnetic Transistor

A transistor is one of the most well know electronic components. It is a semiconducting device which can amplify or alter a signal coming in to it. The simple way of looking at it is that when a small change occurs across two terminals in the transistor a greater change occurs across another pair of terminals. Transistors can also be used as dynamic switches, often found in digital circuits as the exact nature of the switch changes based on the voltage magnitude and switching speed inside the transistor.

Now a transistor has been developed which only uses magnetic fields in its operation. There has been a phrase “all magnetic computer” for quite a time and with this new development it seems very plausible that a simple computer could be built that does now require electricity as a means of running the logic maze but instead can do it solely with magnetism. The full name of this device is the Magnetic Vortex Transistor (MVT) and just because it has been built does not mean it is fully realised yet. Experiments have recently been done to see if this MVT can perform one of a transistors most important roles, amplification. Another concern is how easily the MVT can be scaled up to a bigger size. The magnetic transistor is formed of magnetic films tightly fitted laterally to a central column. The geometry of the situation causes displacements of the magnetic field but only very small ones which makes the transistor work. It is possible that even a physically bigger transistor would lead to the same distortion and so the larger transistor would be of no improvement. Answering questions like these will open up the doors to more research on magnetic based circuits and help develop the field of all magnetic computation.


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