Forming Silver Floral Structures

Copper, or some coper containing alloy, is what is traditionally used for wires. But in the recent decades, when you really want some good conductance, gold and silver wires are used. It is estimated that the amount of gold in a kilogram of computer components is many times greater then the gold in a kilogram of even the richest gold containing rock. But silver is what today’s news is on. Silver can be mixed with polymers to create a conductive paste; used to create transparent electronic film sheets; and now formed into flower like nano-structures. These silver flowers can be used to create a very conductive ink which only requires 3% silver concentration. When spherical silver nanoparticles have been used previously the ink required at least 50% silver to be usable.

Now a new method for creating these silver flowers has been discovered with a potential yield of 99.5%. The silver nitrate solution is first mixed with ammonium ferric citrate (E number 381) which displaces the silver into silver citrate precipitate. Adding ammonia solution dissolves this precipitate and then adding ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and boric acid separates out the silver in its new floral structure. Filtering and baking the product dry leaves the useful silver species as a very pure product. An much simpler production method and a greatly improved application means that these strangely organic silver structures are going to be very useful in the microcomputing industry.


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