Learning About Anti-Lasers

Lasers are one of the most easily recognisable physics inventions. There are very few people who have not witnessed a spy sliding between red beams threatening to slice them into pieces. A device that is less well known about is the anti-laser. Since a laser is a device that creates coherent, monochromatic light in a focused beam; an anti-laser is able to perfectly absorb light of this nature and convert it into some other energy store. The idea for this device is very recent having only been suggested in a theoretical sense  in 2010. In the last six years actual practical devices have been invented that are counted as anti-lasers as they are very close to the perfect absorbers described.

By taking two lasers at once the material is designed so that the beams mostly cancel each other out provided there coherent and then the excess energy is absorbed by trapping the photons in a place where they rebound forever losing all their energy. The perfect absorber that has been produced can dissipate 99.65% of all incoming energy and it is hypothesised that if this method could be perfected it would reach 99.999%. The number of applications for these materials is immense. It could be used in order to minimise excess dosage for people being treated with radiation or measuring equipment where controlled amounts of energy need to enter the device to prevent an overload.


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