Weekly Roundup 47

As the weeks progress towards Christmas I am expecting the scientific world to slow down more and more although I am sure there will always be something interesting to write about. This weeks major news was that scientists from Imperial  College in London have been questioning whether the speed of light is really stuck at 3×108 metres per second. They believe it might have been possible for light to have travelled faster in the early universe as an explanation as for why the universe is so homogeneous. Interesting fact: for the first 379,000 and then for the years 385,000 – 390,000 (all estimates) the universe was completely ionised so any photons were constantly scattered off electrons and as a result the universe was opaque. Apparently these Einstein sceptics are designing an experiment to see if they can prove their theory. People are also still raving about the EM-Drive, the reaction forceless engine that has apparently been built. There has still yet to be any recreated experiments that show the same conclusion which is not very surprising as the equipment and the finely tuned sensors required are not easy to come by and NASA, of course, has some of the best in the world. Overall things are still going well and hopefully despite the seasonal slow down scientists can continue produce the high quality and interesting research that continues to stimulate our imaginations.

Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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