Weekly Roundup 49

Going back 48 weeks was my very first weekly roundup, Weekly Roundup 1. Since then I have published the equivalent of one post every single day. I think it is very fitting that as this year comes to an end I get to wrap up one of my first ever posts, this original weekly roundup. This is becuase the four elements I talked about have now been given official names by the International Association of Applied Chemists, IUPAC. Why has it taken so long? Probably because IUPAC is infamous for “deliberating” very thoroughly on their actions. Either way the public review stage has ended and so it is completely official, the four new elements are:

  • Element 113, nihonium (Nh), the word Nihon is how Japan is said in many Asian languages and was unsurprisingly discovered in Japan, the first element to be discovered in the far East.
  • Element 115, moscovium (Mc), clearly named after the capital of Russia as it was discovered by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Physics and Applications (JINPA) which has a main research base in Dubna.
  • Element 117, tennesine (Ts),  which was likewise named after the location of the research lab that found it, the University of Tennessee.
  • Element 118, oganesson (Og), named after Yuri Oganessian, a scientists who worked and still currently works on heavy elements and their stabilities.

Finally we can dispose of ununtrium and the other stand in names for these elements. This post more then any before gives me a certain sense of closure and it also goes to show how long some of these decisions take to be decided.

Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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