Weekly Roundup 50

Although there is no scientific news to report there has been something that has happened in the science community which I think fits very well into the holiday spirit. There is a particle physicist named Adlène Hicheur who was deported from Brazil back to his native country of France without an explanation. He had previously been tried in France for suspected terrorist sympathies although many considered it a faulty trial. He was allowed to move to and live in Brazil until recent the recent event which now leads him to be under house arrest in southern France. Since his current status means he can’t attend any kind of scientific meeting many of his colleagues and associates decided to work around his predicament. Just a few days ago, over 27 physicists and researchers who were working at the Large Hadron Collider drove into France and went to see him in Vienne, the town in which he is being held. Another 15 scientists from America, Brazil and China all performed video calls in order to speak at the pseudo conference. He has also received offers and requests for him to speak via video at conferences and last month was able to give a talk at the Latin American Symposium on High Energy Physics. Although it appears Adlène will have to renounce French citizenship and fall back on his Algerian heritage to become free, such massive support coming from all around world is an amazing sight and really shows the camaraderie present throughout science.

Until tomorrow, goodnight.

Thank you to Nature.com, Adlène Hicheur is the man with the hat, glasses and bag front and centre.



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