Weekly Roundup 53

While scrolling through the pages on the Nature website I came across this news story. It turns out many of the technology giants such as Google and Microsoft are getting their act together in order to transform all the research that has been done on quantum computing into a working prototype. The fanciful guess is that there may be a working quantum computer (although maybe only computing 50 qubits) by the end of 2017. If it could be done then it would certainly be the best competitor for breakthrough of the year, however this prediction could easily be unrealistic but the encouraging news is that the engineers are getting started on putting all the pieces together.

Apart from that there has been some interesting research done into antimatter as well this week. Of course a single positron or antineutrino is impressive considering they were only theories four decades ago, but I consider the most interesting part of particle physics the more compound bit. For instance muonic hydrogen is a hydrogen atom that has had its single electron replaced with the much more massive, but chemically identical muon. This causes the electron shell to be much closer to the nucleus overall. The particle that was experimented on here was complete antihydrogen where the both the electron and the proton are in fact there antiparticles. The experiment showed that the band energies in antihydrogen were perfectly identical to normal a hydrogen. Not a massive revelation as this was what was expected but the confirmation is always good.

Overall this has been quite an interesting week, I hope 2017 has been pleasant for everyone so far and will progress to be even better in the future. Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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