Weekly Roundup 62

For quite a while now the United States has had a vacancy in the position of science advisor. Although there is still no new news about who will be picked for the role there have been reports about a related position. The Food and Drugs Administration, more commonly known as the FDA, is reportedly going to be headed up by Scott Gottlieb, a physician and heath policy analyst. He has often supported the idea I suggested in this post, believing that over regulation ultimately stops his countrymen getting the medicaments they need in time. Although I personally believe him to be a sensible and intelligent man and very fitted to the role, there is the looming fact that he was chosen partially because of his ability and partially because of his political views. Returning back to the topic of science advisor, does it really matter who is selected as science advisor in any country as the politician in charge will only choose a candidate who is willing to (mostly) confirm their preheld beliefs when it comes to contentious issues. The ultimate problem is how to select science advisers who will be give advice based on the evidence rather than political views and there may simply be no solution to this puzzle.

Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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