Weekly Roundup 76

This week I was talking to some friends and one of them suggested a very interesting idea which I’ll try my best to convey: In the opening song of the popular Lion King, one of the lines is “more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done,” and this is strictly true. There are more things in this world than can ever be understood by one person and of course this is just one world in the colossal black sea of the universe. But to extend the idea a bit further, in the past, when the complete sum of human physics knowledge was relatively small, it may only take a few years of study to be at the cutting edge of research. Now, if you count proper physics education to start in about year 11, it takes nine or ten years to complete a PhD starting there. Is it implausible that at some point in the future it will take a persons full lifetime to reach the edge of human knowledge and they will die just before discovering anything new. Is the technological process of elongating life working faster than we are pushing scientific boundaries (not to mention there are various theoretical caps on life such as brain breakdown into Alzheimer’s, heart failure as it wears out, the probability of cancer from background sources, et cetera).

In a way, its quite a relaxing though to remember that we’ll probably never have to deal with these problems and it’s a bunch of future human’s problems to deal with. Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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