Interview 2

So yesterday we had culinary enthusiast Robbie and today we have, how would you describe myself?

Human, male, 18 what do you really mean?

I mean what’s your interests what do you, apart from physics that is.

Orienteering mainly.

So, if we get lost in yogkarta you’ll get us out of the situation.

Only if you give me a map, yes. My parents did orienteering and so I have always done it as well.

Any subjects your hoping to come up? Electrical circuits mostly.

Oh yes because your also doing the info antics Olympiad as well. In Tehran in Iran. I’m quite excited it should be quite interesting.

Maybe we should get back to the present Olympiad, is there particular visit your interested in?

I haven’t really looked, busy practicing.

Oh what kind of practice have you been doing?

I did last years IPHO and informatics.

Got any advice. Practice that’s mainly it, don’t be afraid of difficult topics.

So there it is folks lets hope Ewan the best for the upcoming challenge.


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