Interview 1

Today we’re here with Robert Waddey, preferably known as Rob, our first guest from the British physics Olympiad team.

So Rob, are you excited?


Yes, is that it?

Umm, yes I am very excited for the IPHO.

So what subjects are you hoping will come up?

Some nice ones, really anything so long as it isn’t fluid dynamics.

What are your interests outside of physics?

Running, cycling, cooking, preparing to do physics.

So are you excited about the Indonesian cuisine then?

Oh definitely, they have this really weird fruit called a jackfruit which tastes like chicken when unripe and tastes like, I think it’s, hmm, I think it’s sweet like many fruit. Oh and its also huge (gestures forming a circle about 40cm in diameter). It’s the local dish of the region we’re going to.

Are you going to be packing your anorak?

Actually no, apart from this (gestures to light coat he is currently wearing) I don’t have anything waterproof.

Well that seems quite waterproof.

Actually this coat only has a very small hydrostatic head, maybe one metre?

Hydrostatic head, what’s that?

Oh it’s a measure of the water pressure required to break through the, (hesitates) waterproofness? I mean that’s not very good English but you get the idea. I mean, the culture evenings are what I’m really excited for. The trip to Borobudur should be exciting. It’s the amazing temple with all the spiky bits, I think it’s the largest Buddhist temple in the world, built on a hill to save on materials or something like that.

Well definitely something to look forward to, good look for the competition. This has been an interview with Rob Waddey and tomorrow I’m hopefully going to be getting another competitor to interview. Until then, goodnight.


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