A Quick Interlude

So I’m back, with all the students having completed both papers, connections to the Internet have been restored. Overall it has been lovely, but some aspects have been a complete disaster. For a start everything was confiscated two days before I expected leaving me scrambling to schedule the posts I had written. This was mostly my fault for procrastinating for so long. However the real problem came with the translation of the question papers. Industrious, for instance, is a word I would not use to describe the process. To sum it up, the translation for the experimental paper was so slow the test itself was set back an hour, then four and then suspended all together. It had to be done the next day (resulting in a breaking of the statute stating that a full day must be left between the exams) and the almost cancelling of the trip to Borobudur. Luckily things have been set straight although it is the trip to the volcano museum that will be lost as the temple excursion has been arranged for tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the interviews, perhaps within the temple itself. Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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