Weekly Roundup 85

I was considering writing this weekly roundup on the importance of peer reviewed publication. I could have written many paragraphs on the essential nature of experts evaluating papers, but luckily I don’t have to. A man named Peter Hadfield who owns the youtube channel potholer54, has recently published this video (slightly inappropriate for children) which I was lucky enough to find. In it, he articulates in a much more proficient way than I could the difference of quality between scientific journals and the importance of reputation in the review process. All I really need to add is my own little analogy. In a game of sudoku there may come a time when you realise that you have somehow managed to place two 9s in the same row. The problem is not just as simple as erasing both numbers and rederiving your logic as it is impossible to know how many other numbers in many other places were put there based on a faulty 9. If one ridiculous paper manages to sneak into a respected journal then it will be trusted by the nature of it just being there and once its been used as a supporting citation in another set of papers the problem is already out of control.

Hopefully the importance of scientific purity is now quite a bit clearer. Until tomorrow, goodnight.


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